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Alpaca is truly the “golden” fiber for warmth and comfort. It’s truly nature’s perfect “Gortex”!

1. It’s more comfortable! Alpaca fiber is less is less irritating to the skin because of it’s the smoothest and finest hair follicles that are used to create wool.

2. It’s hypoallergenic ! The hair follicles are smoother because they have rounded scales which cause less micro skin abrasions – that equals less scratching and rashes! Alpaca follicles are the only animal wool and that includes Cashmere, that are not covered in Lanolin ( that’s a wax that’s created from fat secretions through the animals sweating process ) So what does that

mean? Glad you asked – Lanolin, when it becomes old and dried up flakes off the hair follicles and becomes the dust dander that makes you sneeze! No Lanolin, NO SNEEZING.

3. It’s lighter and more water resistant than sheep’s wool or Cashmere! The hair follicle scales are rounder and fit tighter together making them more water resistant and they are thinner and they contain little “air” pockets that make them half the weight of Cashmere or wool.

4. Alpaca is warmer than wool! Those little “air pockets” and vacuums in the hair fiber provide extra insulation from the cold. Alpaca wool is truly nature’s organic “Gortex” material.

Machine wash cold or hand washable! These textiles can be machine washed cold with a mild detergent (wool-lite), then hung out to air dry completely before fluff only dryer cycle for 10 minutes (NO HEAT). 


We will ship most items out within 48 hours of receiving your order. Unless there are major delays with the shipping provided and/or it is the holiday season, you should see your product/s within a week of ordering! 

Custom orders will take anywhere from 3 - 5 weeks, including artisan looming and shipping from South America.

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