As a child, I would visit the old Spanish Guild towns of my ancestors in the beautiful countryside of Ecuador. I would stand in wonder and see all of the vibrant beautiful colors in the market place. There my eyes could hardly take in all of the bright shades of the rainbow and the warm tones of home. Then my small fingers would dance with delight from the textures of the rich woven Alpaca blankets and scarves.

The amazing craftsmanship of a Alpaca blanket is something more than to just be seen; it’s something to be felt,- something to be cherished. It’s a gift from true friends and loved ones. It’s also the perfect gift to give to yourself as well. Alpaca textiles are timeless classics.

These blankets and throws are perfect for your bedroom, living room sofa, and around your shoulders on chilly nights and mornings.

I wanted to share a part of my country’s heritage with you and so I created Loom Colorado to be your best “local” source for Ecuadorian made Alpaca blended blankets, scarves, shawls, throws, ponchos, and much, much more. I wanted to create a website that could hopefully bring you the open market experience and to bring to you items that you will truly desire and cherish for a lifetime.

I know sometimes you will have questions and personal requests. I have made it one of my top priorities to make sure that everyone gets the attention and service you deserve through personal interaction. So always feel free to contact us about your wants, needs, and personal requests! 

Esvida “Pamela” Mendoza*

* personal note, Esvida was a name that was passed down to me from my Abuela (Grandma). It means -It’s Life.